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Our Entrepreneurship Training Module for children is designed to teach, mentor, support, train, equip and motivate today’s children of age group under 9-14 years with the essential required successful skills to set them on the path of becoming future entrepreneurs. It will teach children what it takes to succeed in global new age economy, equips them with the success skills they need, and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age.

The entire concept is an interactive curriculum training program that not only will teach kids about entrepreneurship, but will also set children to become successful entrepreneurs and humans in their lives allowing parents to get involved in the process of their learning at every step of the way.

It will give children skills and mindset to become entrepreneur and start real companies. Our Entrepreneurship program will help your kids to leverage the talents and tenacity to build a viable startup. We will train your children in innovative thinking which will allow the founders of tomorrow to create successful businesses. By participating in our program, kids will gain the skills to launch their own business or develop social innovation projects while establishing lifelong leadership skills. We see youth connect with their peer group in a new way as they learn what is possible and how to shape the world they will inherit.

Who can join the Program?

This training module is intended for the children of the age group of 7- 14 years.

Objectives of the The Children Entrepreneurship program-
  • Enhance and Increase business, social innovation and leadership knowledge of the children
  • Provide a fun and safe environment where kids can grow confidence and realize a transformed mindset.
  • Learn the skills and to launch a business or social innovation project.
  • Understand the meaning of financial dependency
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