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Hello from Mr. Vijay Wankhede!

Mr. Vijay Wankhede- an entrepreneur, business consultant, trainer, Social Entrepreneur, writer, speaker and investor has come again this time with qualities that make a person an Entrepreneur !

Are you also willing to know Who is an Entrepreneur? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that makes a person an entrepreneur? Read the blog and find out the answer!

An entrepreneur is a someone who has a passion to create something new and unique with the potential to follow the ideas, somebody who has ability to observe a need that has previously not been observed before or created a need that didn’t exist before. Entrepreneurs work for themselves and take risks in order to make their ideas and dreams a success.


Qualities of an Entrepreneur-

Professionalism: It is one of the important qualities every good entrepreneur must possess. An entrepreneurs behavior, manners, approach and nature with their employees and clients develops the culture of the company or business. It is one of the most important skills of an entrepreneur.

Self-discipline and Trust- Self-discipline is very Quality thing an entrepreneur should have as it enables to achieve targets, be organized and set an example for everyone. Reliability builds trust for most ventures, trust in the entrepreneur is what keeps the person's in the company motivated and willing to give their best.

Risk Taking- A risk-taking skill is mandatory for an entrepreneur. Without the desire to explore unknown things, a person cannot search or discover something new and unique. This innovation and uniqueness makes the entire difference. Risk-taking involves a lot of things in itself.

Knowledge: An entrepreneur should possess complete knowledge about the industry, market and competitors. Knowledge is the key for entrepreneurs that can convert the vision into reality.

Social Skills- An entrepreneur should have Social Skills and an approach to look towards the Society to come with the solutions of the problems faced in the society. Social Skills include Relationship Building, Hiring and Talent Sourcing,Team Strategy Formulation, leadership qualities.


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